Our Favorite Etsy Shops

When I was pregnant with Jack, we decided not to find out the gender.  I just knew that he was going to be a boy (I can’t say I had a feeling or that it was “momtuition”, but I just knew).  I stumbled upon a ton of Etsy and other small shops via instagram and even though we didn’t know the gender, I might have purchased a few boy items…

Since having him, I’ve fallen even more in love with these little shops that feature the most precious items.  They are unique and different, and by purchasing clothes from them, you can help out a fellow mom trying to support her little family!

Here are a few of my favorites!

Rags to Raches

Purl Lamb


Beau Hudson

Tnee’s Tpees

Covered Goods

Jumping Jacks Co. (She’s located in Edmond!)

Tribe is Alive

Sparrow Designs

Little Dude N Dudette

House of Mia

Noxx Beanie
Sparrow Designs “Wee Babe” Shirt
Purl Lamb Romper

I follow these shops and many more on instagram if you are looking for a few more shop suggestions!




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