Toddler Friendly Restaurants- Part 2

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A while back I wrote a post where I highlighted toddler friendly restaurants in the Oklahoma City area.  Sadly, a few of these restaurants are no longer operating, so I thought I would update it with some other great restaurants for your baby and toddler.

Our almost 3 year old has hit an age where getting him to sit still for a meal is next to impossible.  In addition, our 1 year old can rarely be contained by a highchair, he’s a mini Houdini and can escape even the toughest of harnesses! We’ve realized that finding great dining options where our little ones can roam a bit, and we don’t feel like we are constantly having to corral them, is ideal. Again, bonus points for outdoor patios, we absolutely love them with or without our kids in tow (and let’s be honest here, they are almost always in tow!)


In addition to the restaurants highlighted in this post, here are some great dining options for your little families!

Aurora – Their backyard area is amazing!  It’s small enough to see your little one, but offers enough room for them to roam around while you eat.  We’ve been a couple of times and have loved it!  With beautiful Fall weather on the horizon, we can’t recommend this place enough!

Kitchen 324– During our last visit here, both boys were not into sitting while eating… this would have made for a super frustrating dining experience, except they have a great patio and outdoor space!  We took turns watching them outside (not ideal) but we could have easily moved to the patio and let them roam around the outdoor space.

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The Press– Advertised as “southwestern comfort food”, their menu is something everyone in the family can enjoy.  It also has a somewhat casual vibe, so I didn’t feel terrible when my kids were being loud and throwing their crayons on the floor…. They are also working on an outdoor patio space, which is something we see as a major bonus when taking our boys out to eat!

Pops– Not only is their menu super kid friendly, but the Arcadia location has a great outdoor area.  The Nichols Hills location isn’t bad either, because of its casual atmosphere, and the hundreds of pop bottles on the walls will definitely entertain your little ones for a while.

McNellies– It has a casual vibe, and the upstairs rooms have a little bit of space for your little ones if they want down from the table.  While I wouldn’t take a toddler who is prone to run out in traffic (it’s right on the traffic circle in midtown), the new-ish outdoor patio is great for babies and toddlers who like to stick close.

Urban Johnnie– If they aren’t busy, ask if you can be seated in the room upstairs.  The times we have gone, we’ve had the whole space to ourselves which is seriously ideal!

The Mule– Indoor space is crowded, but the outside patio is fully enclosed looking out into The Plaza District.

Hideaway– The new 50th and Western location has an upstairs which is great for little ones who love watching traffic.  The trucks and cars kept our boys entertained for a full 20 minutes, which is (insert: goal hands emoji).

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Tuckers-The 23rd street location has a good outdoor patio (located in their parking lot) but we prefer the Classen Curve location.  We often get our order to go and grab one of the picnic tables a few doors down and eat under the covered patio.

The Hall’s Pizza Kitchen– Their upstairs patio can’t be beat on a beautiful night.


Our favorite breakfast places include:

Holey Rollers

Browns Bakery- An Oklahoma City staple, located in Midtown

Buttermilk– Great outdoor seating, but the inside is very kid friendly and we’ve never found it very crowded!

Cafe Kacao– I had to include this one.  It’s seriously our favorite breakfast spot in Oklahoma City.  If you are going to go, you have to get on the list (use the nowait app) early in the morning.  It’s honestly not ideal for toddlers (tables are close together, and there is nowhere to wait for your table) but it’s the absolute best.  They are open throughout the day, but the breakfast is my favorite.


Other Favorites:

Katiebug’s Sips & Sweets– Our favorite stop for an afternoon treat.  We go so often, they know Jack by name.  🙂 They recently opened a storefront location on 9th street.  It’s adorable, and everyone needs to see it!

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Green Goodies– My favorite cupcakes in the City.  It’s located in Classen Curve.  Again, we like to get it to-go on a nice day and eat at one of the picnic tables located around the shopping area.

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Whole Foods– I hesitated putting these last two on the list, but they are great family-friendly options.  We like to take food from the hot bar, bakery, or pre-made food section and eat it in their little separate eating nook, or outside on their patio.  Jack loves pushing the little carts around while we look, and they give out fresh fruit to all the little kids!

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Uptown Grocery– We haven’t been here in a while, but the May location has a great upstairs eating area, where they serve brunch on the weekends.



Most of the places on the list are located in the center of the city.  Honestly, they are convenient to us, and are what we know.  If you have other great options in different parts of the city, I’d love to hear them!  We love trying new places and adventuring beyond our little circle!


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