Savannah, Georgia

We took a little day trip to Savannah, Georgia after we left Charleston a few months back. Savannah was beautiful and we had great weather.


Here are a few “kid-friendly” things we enjoyed doing while we were there:

1.   Visiting the historic squares.  Savannah has 22 historic squares scattered throughout the city.  We walked to many of them.  They are each a little different, with pretty gardens and beautiful large oak trees.


2.  We loved visiting Forsyth Park.  There was seriously the neatest playground and Jack had a blast.  We actually visited a few different times while we were in town because it was such a great place for Jack to get some wiggles out!




3.  Take a trolley tour.  There are a few different trolley tours you can take around the city.  We only had one full day to take a tour, and because we didn’t get our tickets in the morning, it didn’t end up being worth it to buy passes partway through the day.  There are a few different companies you can use.

4.  We heard of many great places to eat while we were researching Savannah.  One of them was Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room.   It was such an interesting experience and we would definitely recommend it.  It is only open during the week from 11 am-2 pm, and people start lining up early in the morning to get a spot.  We actually walked up right before 2:00 and were one of the last tables seated.  Everything is family style and there are no menus, just platters of food served right in front of you.  Credit cards are not accepted, so have cash!

5.  Visit a beach!  There are a couple beaches near Savannah.  We stopped in Hilton Head on our way to Savannah from Charleston.  It was a little chilly for swimming, but we enjoyed a walk along the beach and it was fun to take Jack to the beach!   We also ate lunch at the Salty Dog Cafe, and of course bought an iconic t-shirt.





Happy Traveling!

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