Charleston with a Toddler


We took a trip to Charleston and Savannah in March and I’ve been wanting to do a post for ages with some to do’s for those traveling with kids.  I’ve decided to split it up into 2 posts because I ended up adding way too many photos to this one.  I just couldn’t stop!


We walked everywhere while we were in Charleston and actually didn’t even rent a car until our time there was almost over.  Everything is very walk-able in the little downtown area, which was great for exploring with a little one in a stroller.  We walked up and down King Street visiting all the shops, which was very convenient while Jack napped a couple of days.  We also used his nap time to go to a couple of restaurants that weren’t super “kid friendly”.  We just parked him right next to the table and enjoyed our “alone time”.



If you are going to Charleston you have to check out the Rainbow Row houses.  They are so cute and close to the water so you can walk down and enjoy the Waterfront Park area and Pineapple Fountain.



Check out The Battery and White Point Garden.  These are so close to the beautiful historic homes and we just wandered around the streets looking at them.  We saw tons of carriage tours, and although we didn’t take one, they would be a great way to see the sites.




We visited the Children’s Museum one morning and Jack had tons of fun!  I never would have thought before having kids that it would be worthwhile to visit a kids museum on vacation, but it was so worth it.  You can also come and go all day with your entrance pass, so it’s a great place to let your kids run around and get their wiggles out after a few hours of sightseeing.


We visited Boone Hall Plantation on one of our last days in Charleston.  You’ve probably seen movies that feature the beautiful tree-lined drive to the main house.  The grounds were beautiful.  There are a few other plantations nearby including Magnolia Plantation which was at the top of my list.


Our favorite restaurants included:

Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit  -We went there many times. Sometimes there was a fairly long wait, but other times, not so bad.  Just know you might be waiting a while and try to get there early.

Husk– We went to Husk for lunch with no reservation and got in just fine, but I’ve also heard to make a reservations months in advance.  It was delicious and Jack slept through the whole thing in the stroller, so we really enjoyed a nice quiet meal!

Magnolia’s– Again, we went at lunchtime while Jack slept.  We made a reservation, but it was easy to get into for lunch.  I got the Fried Green Tomato BLT.  Seriously, so good!

The Macintosh– We went to The Macintosh for brunch one morning.  It was fine, however portions were small!

Hominy Grill -We went there for dinner and brunch because it was right by our Airbnb, and it was so great each time!

The Darling Oyster Bar– We made reservations for an early dinner to avoid a toddler meltdown.  We sat in another room away from the oyster bar, but might have enjoyed it better had we been a little closer to the “action”.


I hope to go back to beautiful Charleston again some day!





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