An Afternoon With Matisse

We visited the Oklahoma City Museum of Art on Friday and checked out the “Matisse in His Time” exhibit. It’s so neat that our city has an exhibit like this!  You need to check it out.  I would suggest making sure you have plenty of time to see the exhibit as well as the other galleries (we loved the Chihuly exhibit!!)  We definitely could have used more time, and felt pretty rushed as we made our way through the galleries.  I really love being able to expose Jack to different experiences, especially ones that exercise his senses, and this trip to the art museum definitely reminded me of that.  It was so fun to see his expression when he was looking at some of the colorful art.


He absolutely loved the Chihuly exhibit with all the light and color.  This picture of him under the Chihuly ceiling is one of my favorites!  When Jeff lifted him toward the ceiling he immediately reached out and tried to touch it.  It was the cutest thing.   The Matisse exhibit is only in Oklahoma City until September 18, 2016 so make sure you check it out!  We definitely want to go back.



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